The Advantages of Using an All-Natural Disinfectant

At National Duct Cleaning, we use a non-toxic disinfectant called Benefect, which is suitable for use in both commercial and residential settings. Benefect is an alternative to chemical-based biocides. This product is the only disinfectant approved by both Health Canada and Environment Canada. Described as "environmentally preferable" by Environment Canada, Benefect is proven effective in eliminating 99.9999 per cent of disease-causing germs. As a non-corrosive spray, it dries in minutes without rinsing or wiping. Benefect is included in Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Program (ECP). This recognizes Benefect as an environmentally and socially responsible product and includes Benefect on a list of preferred "green-friendly" products. The product safely and effectively removes bacteria, fungus and mould without using synthetic chemicals that can be more toxic than the germs they are attempting to remove.

Ducts are a perfect breeding ground for mold fungi and mites!

Some Advantages of National Duct Cleaning using Benefect:

  1. As an approved fungicide, Benefect can be used in place of biocides during mould remediation.

  2. Benefect presents the opportunity to save on relocation or business interruption costs during restoration by allowing customers to remain at home or resume their business during the cleaning process since there is no risk of chemical sensitivity.

  3. National Duct Cleaning staff operates in a safer environment free of synthetic, poisonous ingredients.

  4. Benefect is suitable for nursing homes, hospitals, schools, universities, health clubs, boarding or breeding kennels, sports equipment or food preparation facilities, or any other residential, commercial or medical application where high risk or chemically-sensitive individuals may be present.